Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My two cents by rafa - link

Hey guys Rafa finally did his first blog post ! Check it out by following the link :

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  1. FROM Debbie Livingston TO You

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    Debbie Livingston


    Dear Kit and Julie,
    How wonderful. I know the feeling of being under qualified... I suppose we all are for such a grand message!! And yet Jehovah chooses to use us. I often think about this, and then you have to counter it with the thought that Jehovah's Organization spends a lot of time and money to qualify us. In fact no effort is too big. And we are quite a big step up from the stones crying out which is what he would have to do if we did not do our jobEmoji Luke 19:40. I'm Very proud of you guys
    how exciting for you! Just enjoy it ... with awe.Emoji