Sunday, December 22, 2013 Juli

Tonight we will take a moment to remember the very short life of our dear friend Nit Noy. Nit Noy was a little black kitty that Kit and I lured out of the ramshackle little tin house of Soi Khao Talo a mere week ago. Nit Noy quickly realized how awesome we were and after a few brief moments of shyness that may or may not have included dagger like kitten claws, he bunkered down into our arms and purred "take me homeeeooow" In a moment of weakness I considered the comfort a furry little friend would bring to our dander free abode. My senses came back to me and I convinced myself that Nit Noy's mom would be back shortly and be quite out of sorts if her baby had gone astray. The hard part was as we were walking to our bikes our previously shy little friend kept following us. I literally had to hide him in his little shack so he wouldn't follow. My heart sank to leave our helpless little fur ball, but every time we passed his castle I looked around with my giant helmet head hoping for a brief glance of his little tale scurrying to safety. Well tonight we visited his home which is also where we indulge in fried banana pancakes after meetings. With our broken Thai we asked pancake man where the kitty was and all he did was gesture out to the road and say "vroom" as he ran one hand quickly over the other. It didn't take long to realize that little Nit Noy turned into a pancake in front of pancake man. Good bye Nit Noy, we will think of you everytime we visit Pancake man. And let that serve as a reminder to all the little kitties in the world...don't talk to strangers or let strangers pick you up because you may become attached and find yourself running to them only to soon become a pancake. 


  1. Awe... This post leaves me feeling a little flat :(