Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say what?!....by Juli

Our little baby "California" group is progressively adding itty bitty thai words here and there to their kindergarten level vocabulary. Some of us can count to 10, some of us know how to say not too spicy, and some of us can squeak out a hello. But with the combined forces of this raggetty little group we make one mean thai speaking machine. Well that is as long as the restaurant we go to has one of the 5 things we know how to order. If not, we may end up with some mystery dish that will inevitably be fishy and spicy. Yeah they are really good at spicy, and if it's spicy going in you can count on it being spicy coming out. Please remember our little house {it's a room really} is not private and the scary bathroom is completely tiled so any squeak or roar coming from there can either wake your neighbor or get the street dogs barking. Seriously though the food is delicious and so cheap, I mean it's a wife's dream to hear her husband say, "it's more expensive to cook at home than to eat out" "You are right honey, you are so smart. How did you get so smart?" The other main reason we kinda  sorta despise cooking is that we have no kitchen sink setup. We can handle the hot pot and chopping up salsa on the coffee table but when it comes to washing dishes we pretty much have a spigot on our upstairs balcony that has a drain in the corner and you have to coral the chunks of food to. Really really gets the gag reflexes going. I have to say that has been the only part of our housing that I would tweak if we were here long enough. Well and the bathroom, but I think I already made myself clear on that one. 

Conveniently we end the territory with a break :) and yes, Thailand has good coffee!  
Last Thursday we worked a territory {another big town called Sattahip...I think} about a 1/2 hour away that hadn't been worked in about year. The local sisters packed us all lunch, so sweet!

We recently had a couple move into the group and like ourselves they know very little Thai. On the first day they were out in the ministry they were asking Kit and I how to say what and amazed at our presentation....HUH!?!? It made me laugh, within two weeks we went from the role of the student to the teacher. All of the sudden we were telling them to say this and that and "oh don't say that" "and be sure to say kaaaaaa" it made me pause and reflect on this hilarious situation. We aren't even sure we are saying anything correctly and we are already giving lessons. There was a lot of "really you shouldn't say it like me because I think I am saying it wrong" But with this group everyone has such a giving spirit that they will just try their best and get the tract into the householders hand and let it speak for itself. One phrase we learned very quickly in "Nit Noy" which means very little. I often say that when it comes to food and spicyness and then also when a householder says something other than "Hello" or "thank you"..."Nit Noy" smile, say thank you and either awkwardly look at your Thai speaking partner or back away like a scared little kitty {which reminds me....we kinda sorta found a kitty at the banana pancake guys cart and we named him Nit Noy....he almost came home with us}

Today I worked up the nerve to make a return visit on one woman we found within the first few days being here in Pattaya. Her name is Lak and she speaks English really well for being a native Thai. With a little help from Glen and Janelle we found her house and was able to share a little thought from the Truth tract. She told me she really does believe in God {although she thinks God and Buddha are the same...to be tackled on another day} but she felt that God does take care of her and that she likes what the Bible said better that Buddhism. I invited her to the Thai meeting on Friday night and she said she would come! So between now and then I need to learn Thai so I can start a study with her and know what they are saying at the meeting, gulp! 

On our Monday fun day we went to a nearby island named Koh Larn. The ferry took about a 1/2 hour and cost 30 baht ($1). We found a beach that was a little less crowded with near naked Russians and that housed a feisty gaggle of monkeys. The boys were over the moon because there was a volleyball net and us girls were happy just letting our motorbike bruised bums take a break in the warm sand. I am really getting used to 1. Not working 2. Not cooking 3. Preaching to kind Thai everyday 4. Monday Fun Day. Does it ever have to end? Now to convince all my friend and family to come join me {yes, that means Lola too} that would be too perfect! 

This little guy sat next to me and put his hand on my leg and was like, "hey"

I have more to tell, like a recent awkward massage and near death bike rides {I'm slightly exaggerating Mom & Sandy} but that will have to wait for another day.

Miss you all! Stay warm!!

Love, Juli


  1. The first thing I saw was the title Say What?! and then the first few words were Our Little Baby. I was like "Say What?!" Okay, no baby news. But I really enjoyed the post.

    1. Believe me I would surprise you better than that if there was a bun in the oven. If anything you know who our real little baby is :)

  2. Hi Juli, this is Robyn Q. Love the blog and pics. Miss your beautiful faces but so happy that you are having the time of your life. So strange that we are freezing here but you are dripping with sweat from the heat. Looking forward to seeing the great tans you will have when you return...if you return. :)

  3. im enjoying your Blog and pics. Looking forward to seeing more of your Blog