Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thank heaven for Mackenzie

Mike & Mackenzie's take on Pattaya

Starbucks, peets, flying goat?? Not a chance here. But believe me, after an hour of service in this dreadful heat as you feel the sweat dripping down your back, you will be begging someone to suggest going to a 7-11 for a refreshment. And here it's like going to Starbucks-there is literally one on every corner! And most of the time you won't even get to the end of a corner before seeing another one. And another rumor we have heard about 7-11(which I haven't dared to try yet) is that there frozen dinners are delicious!! Hmm....I may have to be here a little longer to try that:) but when we aren't too busy going to 7-11 for break they will let us have some coffee. And when I'm sipping on a latte here it's just as good as sipping on one in europe...or for those less traveled, it's just plain good!! We have been told by people here that Thais are known for their good coffee.. And they were right! The days of chais are gone( yes, I was so sad to learn they don't do chai here) but lattes, cappuccinos, it's all good! So it probably sounds like all we do here is eat & drink- but it is a big part of most our day.
 But besides that service has been good and a bit humbling. I think we misunderstood that we are not a English congregation- just a group- which means a lot of our service is in Thai!! What??! How did we miss that vital piece of information. So our very first day of service here we went to service meeting and realized we had to go in service in Thai that very day! And did people coddle us and tell us it's ok and we will help you and take all the doors until you learn a presentation?? No!! Right after service meeting an English sister was kind enough to take pity on us and we all wrote down small simple presentations and headed for the territory. No coddling done here- you are just thrown into the water and you better know how to swim or learn! So it has been very humbling for us all because this language is done in tones. So if you don't want to sound like a true Thai person, it means we are going to  sound really funny. But if you get people who look at you and laugh after you have given your presentation then you know your tones are wrong. And yes we had people laugh at us, lots! And it's so different than at home. You know how at home you don't want to make a spectacle or have too many people in one territory? Well throw that out the window! How about 20 people all go to the same territory and work house over house?? And here you don't just go up and ring doorbells, you yell from outside the gate to see if anybody comes out. So everybody is yelling 'me cry you mike uh' which means ' is anybody home?' The same time as all the other 15 people on the same little street as you. And since addresses are kind of crazy around here, when you find interest, just take a picture of the house- maybe even if the person you talked to is still standing right outside! Thais do not care about if things seem weird or not-anything goes here! I mean, put your newborn baby or your entire family on a scooter and brave the is an everyday sight!
    But really besides all these crazy things that we are just not used to, we all love it here & are having a blast! The people here are very sweet and easy to talk to. Oh..and did we mention yet that the food is really good?:) well so I don't bore you any longer we will say this is it for now. I have to go get a Thai massage for the next 2 hours and it will only cost me $10:) ok not now but maybe tomorrow...:) 


  1. We are so enjoying all your blog posts! Keep up the good work.I'm sure your presentations will get easier. Love ya all Boudreau Family

  2. Loved it! Haha so true!

  3. Mackenzie -- So good to hear from you on your perspective. Sounds like things are going pretty well although a bit humbling. May Jehovah continue to bless your efforts, you crazy kids! ;-) Miss you!

    Deborah Stone

  4. I think that you are developing some good material for an upcoming film festival! We were laughing out loud when you described the way you preach, very unique.

  5. Loved hearing your stories Kenzie! I'm glad you're having so much fun, it sounds amazing. :)

  6. Know all about being thrown into a language. :) Keep up the good work. It does get easier. -Linka

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