Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We are alive!!! Juli

Hi all!!! This is just a real quick note letting you all know that we arrived safely at our first stop, Bangkok. Everything went as smoothly as possible and we all got lots of rest on the plane. Our airline, EVA air was an excellent carrier although I was secretly (ok maybe not so secretly) sad when we didn't get to have a Hello Kitty plane (those ones I guess only fly out of LA, next time!) they served pretty good meals and had a lot of in flight entertainment. When we had a stopover in Taipei we had to return the plane to the gate due to technical difficulties for about an hour and a half, that's always reassuring (gulp). Our hotel is perfect for our needs and so friendly to us. We mustered enough energy to freshen up a bit and head out into the big unknown world yesterday (which was Wednesday... I think). My oh so kind bossy sister (she called herself that) said that we should fight the jet lag and grab dinner and go to this huge shopping center call Asiatique. It was so nice having our own overseas travel agent to tell us what to do! We went to the shopping center which is shop after shop after shop of cute stuff, but after a few hours we were walking around like  zombies and decided it was time to give in to the jet lag. After a river boat ride followed by a sky train ride (both super simple to figure out) we crashed. Currently it is 4:00 am Thai time and I am wide awake :/ i can see what you all are up to on Instagram but I can't post pictures :( ....still working on that! Anyways my friends, I haven't cried since we left but when I saw a couple street dogs I would be lying if I said it didn't remind me of our little Lola bear (don't worry folks, I'm working on my sick obsession with my canine). We will keep in touch as much as our wifi will let us!!! Love you! Oh did I forget to mention to you it's super hot, like really really hot....and sticky. It ain't gonna be pretty folks!

Love, Juli

Sorry, no pics today....still working out some technical difficulties.....


  1. Juli Food!!! Glad you survived the leg cramping mind numbing hours of breathing recycled air! You won't have to put up with that for another three months! Yay!! Sounds like you will have a luminous glow for awhile. ;) If it makes you feel any better, just think of the gorgeous tan you will come home with. You know I'm dying to ask.....what have you eaten so far?!?!

  2. Ha! Marcella I was going to say the same thing. We don't care about your plane ride or how much you miss Lola - what did you EAT? (just kidding, sort of) Glad everything is going smoothly. Do you need an itinerary for tomorrow? I'm here to help ;)

  3. So glad you guys arrived safe and sort of sound. Hope the jet lag subsides quickly. And don't work on your canine obsession - I can't be in this club alone!
    - Laura S.

  4. So happy to hear you have arrived safely. I hope you guys don't melt in the heat over there!

    Deb Stone

  5. You are such a good writer Juli! Keep the posts coming for us jealous ones back home :)